0019007720 Oven Stove Cooktop Control Knob - Simpson

0019007720 Oven Stove Cooktop Control Knob - Simpson


Control knob to suit* the following Simpson oven, stove and cooktop models:

- 62A872V-00, V-08, V-09, V-13, V-14, V-15
- 62A874V-00, V-08, V-09, V-12, V-13, V-14, V-15
- 62A882R-00, R-08, R-09, R-13, R-14, R-15
- 62A884R-00, R-08, R-09, R-12, R-13, R-14, R-15
- 63A807W-00, W-01
- 63A808W-00, W-01
- 63A904W-00
- 63A905VW-00
- 63A906W-00
- 63A909W-00, W-01
- 63B904W-00, W-02
- 63B905VW-00, VW-02
- 63B906W-00, W-02
- 75A804W-00, W-05
- 75A954W-00, W-05
- 75A974W-00, W-05
- 75A975W-00, W-05
- 75B804W-00, W-01, W-02
- 75B954W-00, W-01, W-02
- 75B974W-00, W-01, W-02
- 75B975W-00, W-01, W-02
- 75B982W-00, W-02

Alternate Part Numbers:

- 0019007720

Suitable Brand Names:

- Simpson


* Prices may change without notice.
* If your model number is not listed, please contact THAP to ensure suitability with your model number.
Ph: (07) 5536 3711 (fastest method)
Email: Go to the Contact Us page. Please allow 24 hours for a response.

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